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LEEL CPAP Cleaner Machine

LEEL CPAP cleaner kills germs via the power of activated oxygen (ozone). The ozone could reach every corner of your CPAP device and accessories, killing 99% of germs and bacteria!

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Soap and water cleaning

The old method of disassembling the mask and hose and cleaning it with soap and water can, in fact, be time consuming and inconvenient. If it’s not performed with extreme attention to detail, it can also be ineffective, since hard-to-reach surfaces in the humidifiers, masks, and hoses may be potential breeding grounds for bacteria. Another consideration that makes this method suboptimal is that the very means of cleaning — tap water — can be a potential source of germs.


UVC light cleaning

Because it doesn’t introduce moisture into the equipment, this method is an improvement over soap and water. But some studies have shown that the light may not reach shadowed parts of the mask and hose, and thus it potentially leaves bacteria and germs intact in those areas where the light may not get to. Also, UV light will not kill bacteria in the hose, the inside of the machine or the water in the reservoir.


CPAP wipes cleaning

Though cleaning CPAP equipment with specially designed wipes may seem, at first glance, more convenient for users, it actually may be more dangerous than beneficial. However, wipes cannot clean inside the hose, and when researchers looked at this method just a few years ago, they found that rather than eliminate pathogens, the wipes — though formulated expressly for the purpose of cleaning CPAP equipment — tended to just transfer bacteria from one surface to another.

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Give More Care To Breastfeeding Moms

We understand how frustrating and annoying it is to have to sit in a corner and pump 8 to 10 times a day for 20-30 minutes at a time. Breastfeeding moms deserve better care and support.

Try LEEL wearable breast pump and now you can enjoy your breastfeeding journey, work, move around and take care of your little ones at the same time.

LEEL Hands-free Breast Pump

LEEL new hands-free breast pump has a quiet, compact, in-bra design with no tubes or dangling bottles so that you can pump wherever, whenever.


LEEL Dehumidifier 42OZ(1200ml)

Health and safety are our first choice. We have the most efficient dehumidification technology, and 42OZ large capacity. Equipped with full water automatic power-off protection device. The mute function and stylish appearance allow it to be placed anywhere. At the same time, the timing and ambient light functions are added to meet the specific needs of users.

LEEL Dehumidifier

The LEEL engineering team researches the core technology of dehumidification. It aims to develop a portable and powerful dehumidifier.

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